Liaoning Jinlong Mega Yacht Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was formally established in March 2017. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing Jinlong Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. by Share Ltd (stock code 834442).

The company's headquarters is located in the famous ring Bohai Bincheng - Liaoning Huludao in the north of our country. There are many national roads, railways and highways across the whole territory. The superior geographical position makes it an important industrial production base on the Beijing Shenyang line.

Jinlong Mega Yacht also set up a production base in Dalian's the Yellow Sea coast - Leather gate to meet the actual development needs of the company.

The large scale of production, the good faith management concept, the spirit of excellence, let the Jinlong Mega Yacht face the world, constantly challenge the high-end luxury yacht manufacturing, aimed at becoming a first-class maritime palace founder.


With its strong technical strength, Jinlong yacht, in cooperation with Berret-Racoupeau, Mulder Design and other international top design companies, has jointly developed a series of excellent marine masterpieces.

The current product lines include:48-foot monohull, 45-foot yacht, 50-foot yacht, 55-foot yacht, 75-foot yacht, 95-foot yacht, 110-foot aluminum catamaran, 46-meter megayacht, A super-luxury yacht of 76 meters and 115 meters of aluminum alloy.

Among them, the 110 foot aluminum alloy catamaran is currently the largest catamaran in Asia, and it will become a luxury new luxury for high-end private yachts.


In the tide of changing and developing the times, Jinlong super yacht comes up and is devoted to the construction of super luxury yacht, modern new type of compound yacht and sailing boat.

By using foreign advanced technology and production management concept and adopting domestic high-end equipment, Jinlong super yacht strives to create a high-end luxury yacht to bring the most comfortable experience for customers.

Moving your family to the boat and making your dream of a villa on the sea become a reality is the biggest pursuit of all the staff of Jinlong super yacht.

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Name:Liaoning Jinlong Mega Yacht Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Address:No. 519 Hanjiang Road, North Port Industrial Park, Huludao Economic Development Zone, Liaoning

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