Strength advantage

Liaoning Jinlong Mega Yacht Manufacturing Co., Ltd. covers more than 10 yachts and sailboats, with an annual production capacity of more than 100. It has Huludao Yacht Manufacturing Base and Dalian Pikou Yacht Manufacturing Base. It is currently a large yacht manufacturing enterprise in China. one.

Jinlong Mega Yacht Headquarters is located in Beigang Industrial Park, Huludao Economic Development Zone, Liaoning Province. The factory has an area of about 200 mu and is adjacent to Bohai Bay. The shoreline has a total length of more than 1,000 meters and has excellent traffic conditions and perfect production equipment.

Jinlong Mega Yacht Pitkou Branch is located in Pikou Industrial Zone, Pulandian, Dalian. The first phase covers an area of 300 mu and the building area is 100,000 square meters. It has a modern ship production workshop and clean room, equipped with advanced Ship production equipment.

Technical advantages

The company adheres to the design concept of “independent research and development, introduction and digestion”, has established a research and development team of dozens of people, and has established school-enterprise cooperation with several related institutions in China. At the same time, the company pays attention to international cooperation, and has reached cooperation agreements with the world's top designers such as the United States, France, Italy, and the Netherlands to jointly develop super-yachts over 100 feet. Among them, the 110-foot catamaran and the 46-meter super-luxury yacht are the masterpieces of both sides.

The company is positioned as "high quality for survival, high efficiency for development". All process and environmental standards are not only in line with domestic regulations, but also in line with international standards.

Product advantages

As one of the largest yacht R&D and manufacturing companies in China, Jinlong Mega Yacht has the most comprehensive yacht product line in China.

Jinlong Mega Yacht Series: 115m Mega Yacht, 76m Mega Yacht, 46m Mega Yacht, 125 feet Mega Yacht;

Jinlong power Yacht Series: 95 feet yacht, 75 feet yacht, 65 feet yacht, 55 feet yacht, 50 feet yacht, 45 feet yacht;

Jinlong Sailing Series: 110 feet catamaran and 48 feet sailboat.

Contact us

Name:Liaoning Jinlong Mega Yacht Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Address:No. 519 Hanjiang Road, North Port Industrial Park, Huludao Economic Development Zone, Liaoning
Pikou production base:116222
No. 32-8, Fuxi Street, Pikou Street, Pulandian District, Liaoning Province

Jinlong 46M Mega Yacht Jinlong 125Feet Yacht Jinlong 110Feet Catamaran Jinlong 48Feet Sailboat Jinlong 45Feet Yacht Jinlong 50Feet Yacht Jinlong 55Feet Yacht Jinlong 75Feet Yacht Jinlong 95Feet Yacht


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