Jinlong 110Feet Catamaran

The Jinlong-110feet catamaran, with a total length of 34.4 meters and a ship width of 14.83 meters, is currently the largest catamaran in China. Standing on the sea, with the wind, the sports style. The typical high-speed catamaran design effectively reduces the wind wave resistance and makes the Jinlong-110feet catamaran have a higher speed. The Jinlong-110feet catamaran sailing on the sails has an unparalleled stability of less than 5 degrees. The unique construction of the hull gives it a true positive buoyancy. The smooth sailing brings more extreme comfort and higher safety. The deck is spacious and the hull is wide and safer and more stable when anchored. The specially equipped dual-powered engine allows you to enjoy the unique warmth of the sea while surfing.

Fashion is not kitsch, simple but not simple. The Jinlong-110feet catamaran is in line with the style of contemporary megayachts. Based on two symmetrical hulls, the hull lines are smooth and smooth, which has earned enough space for living and leisure for the entire catamaran structure. The interior design of the sailing boat is simple but notorious. Whether it is the salon area or the owner's house, the exquisite craftsmanship is impeccable, and the luxurious cabin is perfectly combined with the large salon seating area. The interior of the sailing boat is mainly made of brown wood furniture, and the classic re-creation makes the owner's elegant atmosphere. Through the portholes, the endless sea surface contrasts sharply with the warmth of the place, giving you a comfortable experience. The Jinlong-110feet catamaran makes sailing a mere pleasure, enjoying sailing and enjoying life.

Technical parameters:

Length overall:34.4m

Maximum Breadth:14.83m



Waterline length:32m

Mainsail area:330㎡

Genoa area:245㎡

Engine:CAT C18 1001HP *2

Maximum speed:13knots

Fuel capacity:16000L

Water capacity:5000L


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Pikou production base:116222
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