▉On November 14, Jinlong super yacht participated in Liaoning International Investment and trade fair

▉On November 8, Jinlong super yacht was invited to participate in the third China International Yacht competition

▉On October 30, the new jl-46meter Mega yacht came out in shock, surpassing expectations and surpassing the future!

▉On October 30, all aluminum customized jl-110feet catamaran flagship version, new design style, pilot Asia, navigation life, you are the only one!

▉On October 28, two newly designed superboats of Jinlong flagship super boat series were delivered to Yuanhang at the same time.

▉On June 22, Zhang Mingqian, member of the Standing Committee and vice mayor of Huludao City, and other leaders investigated the Huludao factory area of Jinlong super yacht.

▉On June 17, senior executives from Rina Greater China visited Jinlong super yacht Dalian factory.

▉On January 15, Mr. Daniel balk and Ms. Stella Van de mheen were invited to visit Jinlong super yacht.

▉On January 13, four jl-46m Super Yachts were launched and debugged one after another, starting an extraordinary journey.


▉On December 13, Jinlong 46m super yacht made its debut in the 10th Haitian grand banquet yacht exhibition in 2019!

▉On December 3, Jinlong super yacht was invited to participate in the first Liaoning Export Commodities Exhibition (Osaka, Japan).

▉On August 27, Wang Jian, Secretary of Huludao City, municipal Party committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, came to Huludao production base of Jinlong super yacht to inspect and guide the work.

▉On July 7, the shining star "Jinlong 46 meter super yacht" set sail magnificently, making a legend!

▉On June 23, the Golden Dragon 110 foot 2 catamaran arrived!

▉On April 3, former Colombian President Andreas Pastrana visited Jinlong super yacht

▉On March 29, former Colombian President Andreas Pastrana visited Jinlong 125 foot super luxury yacht.

▉on January 19, Jinlong 95 foot super luxury yacht was launched to create a new maritime mobile world!



▉On April 11th, Jinlong 110 feet all-aluminum catamaran which Asia's largest sailed its mainsail at Dalian Donggang International Marina and successfully sailed.

▉On March 10th, Jinlong Mega Yacht and Sanya Hongzhou International Yacht Club successfully signed five 46m superyacht contracts in Shenzhen, marking the official mass production of the 46m megayacht of Jinlong Mega Yacht.

▉On January 28th, the creation of Jinlong Mega Yacht, the largest catamaran in Asia - "Jinlong 11001" was successfully launched in Dalian Lvshun Port.

▉On January 18th, Jinlong 48Feet single sailboat successfully completed the installation of the sail at Dalian Donggang Yacht Terminal and successfully tested it and delivered it.


▉December 8th-11th, Jinlong Mega Yacht went to Sanya to participate in “China Rendez-Vous-The 8th China Yacht, Aviation and Fashion Lifestyle Exhibition”; Li Guoliang, Vice Governor of Hainan Provincial People’s Government, and Deputy Director of Provincial Department of Commerce Yao Lei, deputy mayor of Sanya Municipal People's Government Xu Zhenling and other government leaders visited the Jinlong Super Yacht Haitian Shengying Exhibition Hall and boarded the boat. During the period, the “Jinlong Mega Yacht·All Star Golf Invitational Tournament” was reopened at the Sanya Haizhonghai Golf Course.

▉ On November 7, the first 50 Feet power yacht produced by Jinlong Mega Yacht successfully sailed in Dalian Pikou Port.

▉ On October 31, Dalian Jinlong Mega Yacht Manufacturing Co., Ltd. changed its name to Liaoning Jinlong Mega Yacht Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

▉ On October 26th, international superstar Mr. Jackie Chan and his team arrived at the anchorage bay of Dongdaihe, Huludao City, Liaoning Province, and signed a contract with Jinlong Mega Yacht to order a Jinlong-46Meter Megayacht.

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