Jinlong Mega Yacht successfully completed the journey of China-rendezvous, and the synchronized All-Star Golf Invitational Competition ended perfectly!

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From December 8th to 11th, Jinlong Mega Yacht participated in “China-rendezvous” and held “Jinlong Mega Yacht·All Star Golf Invitational Tournament”. The comprehensive operational strength demonstrated by Jinlong Mega Yacht has won the concern and presence of the leaders of Hainan Provincial Government and Sanya Municipal Government.


December 8th, 16:00

After the opening ceremony of China-rendezvous, Li Guoliang, deputy governor of Hainan Provincial People's Government, Yao Lei, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Commerce, and Xu Zhenling, deputy mayor of Sanya Municipal People's Government, and other government leaders boarded Jackie Chan's 125ft megayacht for a visit,and talkes with the leader of The Jinlong Mega yacht. The Provincial and municipal leaders gave high praise to Jinlong Mega Yacht and said that it will provide more convenience and guarantee for the development of Jinlong Mega Yacht in Sanya.


December 10, 13:00

Yan Chaojun, member of the Standing Committee of Hainan Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Sanya Municipal Committee, visited the SLC parking area of China-rendezvous which Jinlong Mega Yacht. Accompanied by Mr. Dong Ge, Chairman of Jinlong Mega Yacht, he boarded a super luxury yacht of Jackie Chan.


The yacht is a unique new custom tailored for Mr. Jackie Chan. The "dragon" logo visible inside and outside the boat is the most distinctive symbol of the boat. Mr.Yan praised the unique Chinese design and elegant style of the boat.


Mr.Yan, together with Chairman Dong Ge and Mr. Wang Dafu, entered the wide apron on the stern and showed the unique charm of beautiful Sanya.


December 10, 15:00

Shen Xiaoming, Governor of Hainan Province, accompanied by the founder of China-rendezvous, Mr. Wang Dafu, visited the Jinlong Mega Yacht Zone. Mr. Dong Ge, Chairman of Jinlong Mega Yacht, expressed his sincere welcome to the arrival of Mr. Shen and boarded the boat together. Mr. Shen asked in detail about the business development of Jinlong Mega Yachts, and hoped that more companies like Jinlong Mega Yacht would cooperate in Hainan Province.


December 10, 19:00

Wang Lu, the deputy governor of Hainan Province, visited the site of the Super Yacht's China-rendezvous Exhibition and boarded the Jackie Chan 125ft megayacht. Mr.  Wang welcomed the participation of Jinlong Mega Yacht in China-rendezvous and looked forward to the Jinlong Mega Yacht to have more and better development in Hainan Province.


signing ceremony

During the exhibition, Jinlong Mega Yacht and Shanghe Tourism Development Co., Ltd. successfully signed a yacht purchase contract. Including a total of 16 ships of 48 ft, 50 ft and 55 ft, the contract amount is about 200 million yuan, which has successfully opened up a mutually beneficial and win-win strategic partnership. At the same time, Jinlong Mega Yacht also signed an intentional purchase contract of approximately RMB 500 million.


Jinlong Mega Yacht·All Star Golf Tournament

During the same event, Jinlong Mega Yacht and the All-Star Golf Team jointly opened a cross-border cooperation between yachts and golf, creating a new way of high-end life. The opening ceremony and welcome dinner of the “Jinlong Mega Yacht·All Star Golf Invitational Tournament” was held in Sanya on December 8th.


The All-Star Golf Invitational Tournament officially kicked off on December 9. As the organizer of this event, Jinlong Mega Yacht is the spirit of creating a boutique and pursuing innovation, which coincides with the spirit of the All-Star Golf Team.


On December 10th, the members of the All-Star Golf Team played their best competitive status. After the fierce competition, the awards dinner was held at the Sheraton Hotel.


At this point, The trip to China-rendezvous of Jinlong Mega Yacht was successfully completed, and the "All Star Golf Invitational Tournament" was in perfect harmony!

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